Art of the Average Life

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Probably each day, in some form, you hear that nothing but Orlando Animal Removal the best will do. Often, you then hear a description of what is the best. This idea that there is better, better than you have, or better than you even imagined, often comes from a product marketer who attempts to sell you something. You may not purchase the merchandise, but did the marketer sell you doubt (about yourself)?

Statistical averages of measurement on many subjects, including people, tend to show a normal distribution of the subject as a lone bell curve, where the median is a line drawn down from the highest point from the curve into the base. For a population of people, we would expect to find most people to be at this point and inside the bell of the curve. The best people would be where the curve tapers into the right and the worst where it tapers to the left. From this place of discussion, we could go anywhere, but I wish to point out to you that the average is a fantastic place for people to be. That’s where most people are, with their loved ones, their friends, and their coworkers.

Happiness may not accrue to people who embark on being the best at anything. We respect those who become the very best of something, but we also see quite frequently that people who reach the best, become profoundly unhappy because they don’t know where to channel the drive that got them to their personal pinnacle of achievement.

The art of the average life is how one lives it every day. It will be better if you have principles, an underlying morality upon which you anchor yourself and others that matter to you. Are you an ordinary person who can’t find time to play with your loved ones and friends because you’ve got another job, attend night school, commute two hours to work each day, or live vicariously through a video game? Perhaps you should assess your face to see if a smile is not there.

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