Coffee Percolator Brands

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Percolation is only one of a couple ways to brew coffee. Other methods include French press and auto drip. While most of them result to a caffeinated drink that many of us love, the taste they produce are contended with for several years.

Looking at the pros and cons of each method would have been a nice read while consuming your cup of java, but we will just keep it short and focus on coffee percolators in this post.

Percolator coffee pots are usually constructed with or with no heat source. The ones with an integrated heating source are electrically powered. You just plug them in and you are good to go. To the contrary, those with no heat source are typically place on a stove or a campfire. They are ideal for outdoor use and possibly, the only type coffee machine that you can use off the grid.

Now, let us look at the most popular coffee percolator brands and find out why end users love them.

Type: Stovetop

Ability: 8-cup or 12-cup variants

Filter: Permanent basket

The Farberware brand has been around since 1899 and is a recognized name in the cookware industry. The Yosemite is Farberware’s effort at bringing back to basics the passionate beverage drinkers of today. The company asserts that brewing coffee this way extracts a fuller and richer flavor.

The Yosemite certainly delivered! It has continued to be a best seller in both online and brick and mortar stores in the United States.

Brews the best tasting coffee on camping trips or if residing off-grid
Takes about 25 minutes to brew, but well worth it
Can be used even without electricity
Can also be used to boil water
Durable interior and general construction.
No need for filters
Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe
Presto 02822 Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator

Type: Electric

Ability: 6-cup or 12-cup variations

Material: Stainless steel, aluminum bottom

Filter: Disposable

The company specializes in making pressure cookers, but it has expanded to other cookware throughout the years.

The Presto 02822 is a 500-watt electric percolator that claims to make great tasting coffee fast. Why do users love it?

Brews in about 8 minutes
Easy to use
Stays hot for hours
Space saver
Responsive customer service
West Bend 54159 Classic Stainless Steel Electric Coffee Percolator

Type: Electric

Capacity: 12-cups

Material: Stainless steel

Filter: Disposable

West Bend is just another old and respectable company with its roots tracing back to 1911. It specializes in electrical kitchen appliances.

The West Bend 54159 is a 950-watt electric percolator that’s adored by users for the following reasons:

Brews in about 10 minutes
Simple mechanism, no confusing buttons
Detachable power cord
Spout Doesn’t spill
Stays hot for hours
A coffee percolator doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that an automatic drip coffee maker has. Most of these machines are simple and require a certain amount of focus to function. But in the end, it’s all about the taste. Many aficionados swear by the flavor that a percolator produces. After all, what good is java if it tastes like mud?

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